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People loved and still love the game Monopoly and play it with their family members as well as friends. Some card games also took an inspiration from monopoly and there are also monopoly card games available in the market as well as the web.

Monopoly also managed to come in the gambling world when it was introduced in slot machine gambling games.

There are a variety of properties from the most valued to the least, a dice, 6 players, paper money, the community chest and the luck elements found in the game. The creator of this game named Charles B. Darrow made this game and played it with his friends and family. He then started to sell the game to people in such a low price. Alter that a friend of Mr.Charles printed the game and bought it to the market and made it a success.

After it became successful and famous all around the world being the most played board game in families and since its popularity as the years went on casinos decided it was time the monopoly became a slot machine game.

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In the land based casinos a player can win a lot from the monopoly slot machine games. Every game has different winning features. The Monopoly Slots are famous online as well and many online casinos have it online. Here a gamer can win big cash money and more awards as well. Real money can also be won online.