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Cluedo Classic is an IGT mobile slot that is designed for mass compatibility. It's classic version, Cluedo is very different from the full version that you might find in an online casino.

IGT actually upgraded many of the features of this slot machine to include better graphics, improved free spins as well as an upgraded sound package.

Play Cluedo like never before:

If you are a fan of the clue board game, You will certainly be a fan of this slot machine. Many of the sounds are built rate out of a detective novel and they work really well at setting the scene.

The original graphics showcase some of the characters that you might find in the clue board game and the jackpots really make this well worth playing.

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Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to try out this slot machine however is the insane jackpot. With 10,000x your initial bet you can really start to win big money by playing this slot machine.

Fun theme:

The theme on Cluedo classic is something truly original especially for a murder themed slot machine.

Many players report some cool bonuses as well. Most of the time by spinning through the game a few hundred times you can usually unlock one of the smaller jackpots or at least win a lot of free spins. The free spins are definitely one of the biggest fun aspects of this game.

The multiplier wilds as well as the five of a kind wins are a great way that you can get close to big jackpots as well.

If you were a fan of the original clue board game or you are simply looking for an exciting murder themed slot that's modern and has many bonuses, Try out Cluedo today especially in its classic format.

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