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If you ever played Monopoly board-game over the years than you have to try the Monopoly Big Event slot machine produced by Barcrest.

This Monopoly themed slot machine gives you rewards for matching symbols together. This means that you can expect to see famous Monopoly symbols like the car, the dog, the ship and even the thimble appear on the board.


Most of the bonuses in Monopoly Big Event slot game involve building up your property portfolio. Just like you can quickly be rewarded for uncovering lots of original board game pieces it is possible to unlock giant bonuses especially when it comes to matching together big property bonuses.

The graphics as well as the backdrop and symbols are absolutely breathtaking in the theme of this slot and if you are able to collect up many different property symbols it becomes much easier to generate massive winnings.

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Huge bucks:

With the ability to win between 10 times and 200x your initial bet stake on regular winnings and even more on jackpots Monopoly Big Event can really help you unlock some big winnings.

Collecting different character symbols like the dogs can pay 300x stake and if you happen to collect Mr. Monopoly symbols on the reels you can see a huge payout of around 2000x your initial stake.

It's these type of winnings that really bring people back to this game time and time again. Betting on your collected portfolio pieces will also help you to multiplier spins.

A 20 coin bet on your collected properties can give you a massive progressive multiplier which will give you 5 free spins too. Remember that betting on your property cards can be risky but you often collect them in regular jackpots anyway so taking a few risks is well worth it for the free spins.

Check out Monopoly Big Event today if you love the Monopoly board game.

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