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Monopoly Multiplier is one of the simplest IGT Monopoly based slot machines.

If you are a fairly new slot machine player and you are interested in a fun Monopoly themed slot machine you should strongly consider giving this a try as the first Monopoly slot machine you play.

This game is great for both high-rollers and low rollers and even if you have just a few minutes available on your mobile device it's possible to win big with all of the pay lines available in this game.

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The theme, prizes and gameplay

The theme of this game re-creates symbols of the original board game. The graphics that are used are actually designed to make this game look extremely close to what the original game looks like to play as well.

Players will see a large array of symbols that range from hotels, houses, Monopoly properties and some of the board game tiles.

The board itself actually resembles the look of a Monopoly board and has a group of skyscrapers in behind the main play area that can be used to improve the theme throughout the game as well.

With an astounding 27 lines in this game as well as the option to wager around $400 on a single spin of the reels, this is a game that can certainly pay out big.

The main prize that you want to watch for is three Mr. Monopoly bonus symbols which can pay out over 50 times your bet. By playing big in this game you can certainly win big and this is an extremely lucrative slot especially for high rollers.

If you are looking for a fun and simple Monopoly themed slot machine, Monopoly Multiplier is a fantastic option. With the chance to win massive prizes as well as many different rows for wagering, this is a game that any new slot machine player or high-roller is going to love.

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