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Monopoly Pass Go is the most famous physical slot machine Monopoly games available in the world.

Recently, IGT translated this game into a fully fledged digital slot machine. If you have ever gone to Vegas for example and looked for a Monopoly slot machine, this is most likely the one that you have played.

Monopoly Pass Go is a classic Monopoly slot machine that helps you to multiply your bonuses every time that you match together the pass go symbols.

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The main theme

There are many symbols that you might expect to see in any classic or modern game of Monopoly. You can match together many bonuses that include Mr. Monopoly as well as some of the other symbols that would be available on most Monopoly boards.

This means matching up things like community chest, the go symbol, stacks of Monopoly money and some property deeds.

There are also some more traditional fruit machine symbols available in the game. Overall the theme certainly reflects a classic Monopoly look with a background that includes a Monopoly board as well as big stacks of Monopoly money.

With this slot machine however you can really unlock some big awards especially because the bonuses come based off of your that size. High-rollers will love this slot.

Big bonus:

The bonuses included in this game include the scatter bonus on one, two and three. The main symbols don't appear on most of the other reels and when you land across these symbols you can match together some of the more favourable pieces across the board.

On one of the main bonuses in the game you get some free reels on a digital Monopoly board. Matching together several Mr. Monopoly symbols will award you multiple dice rolls where your character will travel across the board and unlock prizes and multipliers as they go. If you land on the go to jail symbol however, your bonuses will end.

Keep Monopoly Pass go in mind if you want a fun and simple monopoly slot.

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