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Monopoly Plus is definitely the game to play if you have ever dreamt of building your very own empire business.

The Monopoly board game inspires us all to strike it rich and become real estate moguls and with the help of the Monopoly plus slot machine game you can win some money to start making that happen.

There are a number of big Monopoly slot machine games but this is perhaps one of the most entertaining available because of the huge payout prizes.

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Big bonuses on Monopoly Plus:

Part of what makes Monopoly Plus slots a special is the massive number of bonuses available on the board.

While many other Monopoly themed slot machines have just a few bonuses this one has a staggering four different bonuses involved in the main play of the game.

Some of the main bonuses in the game include the bonus board mini game where players will travel around the board and collect winnings for every property that they land on, Mr.Monopoly wilds which match with adjacent slot symbols, utility bonuses which add multipliers to your winnings as well as the Jail bonus.

While in many cases landing in jail through Monopoly can be a bad thing, The jail bonus is a progressive bonus in the game that can allow your winnings to level up and for you to have stacked multipliers throughout the game.

Not playing for monopoly money anymore:

Monopoly Plus slot game has a progressive system for levelling up your earnings as you continue to play.

As you start out playing the game you will begin at the entrepreneur level and you can start to build up your Monopoly money by landing on different properties.

As you climb to new levels are the game you can multiply the size of the jackpot and this is done through the jail bonus. Eventually you can play the super tax mini slot at reaching the top levels to win up to 16,000x your stake.

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