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The newest slot machine game produced by IGT is inspired by XFactor TV series and is named the X Factor slots. X Factor Steps to stardom is one of the best ways that you can feel like you have been included in X factor show.

If you have ever wanted to feel like a contender in the X Factor gameshow this is the ultimate risk-free way to do it.

IGT media is the main developer on this product and some the main features that they like to include in all of their slot machine deliveries include amazing graphics as well as some unique features.

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This game also has mass compatibility meaning that you can play on a huge selection of platforms like Mac, Linux and windows. Just about any web browser will run this game without issue. It also loads extremely quickly.

Playing the game:

When you start up X factor it's important to note that you can play either the trial version or you can give it a go for real funds as well. You can also start for payline rates that you feel most comfortable with.

This means you can play for as little as three or four coins up to a maximum of 10 per line. Overall the max range for a spin can be as little as a single sent all the way up to £3.75.

Different bets across the huge number of pay lines will definitely help you to get paid much faster. The cool thing about X Factor is that it comes with a particularly high variance see you can have a fairly good chance at winning even if you play for high roller money.

X Factor popularity:

The show for X factor is one of the most popular the world and it airs almost everywhere including the United States, India, China, Asia and Europe. As a result of the widespread nature of this TV show it is also a very popular slot machine. See what all the hype is about and try it today!

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